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The board is an independent organization founded in August 2008 a subsidiary of Bulgarian Society for NDT (BG S NDT) in accordance with the requirements of Standard EN 4179. The standard is applies to the qualification and approval of personnel to perform non-destructive testing in the aerospace manufacturing, service, maintenance and overhaul industries.

The board is a voluntary association of Bulgarian aerospace organizations and companies and work with written procedures. It is recognized by the Bulgarian aviation authorities - "Civil Aviation Administration" with approval №18-00275 / 02.09.2008 and has international recognition as a member of European Aerospace NDTBs Forum.

The Board consists from:

  1. Chairman;
  2. Secretary;
  3. Representative of "Civil Aviation Administration";
  4. Representatives of Employers;
  5. Representative of BG S NDT;
  6. Representatives of Training Bodies fot NDT Personnel;
  7. Representatives of Certification Bodies for NDT Personnel.

Scope of operation of the Board

Implement and monitoring compliance with the requirements of Standard EN 4179 and AMC145.A.30 (f) (4) of Regulation 2042/2003 in the aviation sector of the Republic of Bulgaria, and NAS410.

Purpose and tasks

The board with its activity supports its members to organize and continuous improvement of process for training, qualification and certification of non-destructive testing personnel according to EN 4179&

  1. Develop training course outlines and training materials;
  2. Create examination questions and administer examinations;
  3. Approve outside and/or internal organizations providing training and/or examination services;
  4. Define requirements for qialification of NDT personnel in emerging NDT methods;
  5. Retain written and practical examinations;
  6. Designate examiners and/or instructors at outside or internal organizations providing training and examination services.

Since November 2010 the Board is member of the European Aerospace NDTBs Forum.

BNA NDT B is a member in European Aerospace NDTBs Forum (ANDTBF) a subsidiary of European Federation of NDT (EFNDT).


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